Sunday, April 19, 2009


As an extension to my previous website, I’ve decided to move some things on that page to this one… including my ‘Featured Hunk’ blurt. So once again, my Featured Hunk is Gregory Peck. However, I might do something with women... I just need a name.

Gregory Peck is one of the most handsome, popular, and successful actors to ever walk into Hollywood. Despite his broken childhood and struggle through college, the 6’3”, dark-haired fella proved his talent. 

Peck was unable to go into World War II, and since many actors who were able to had left Hollywood, this gave a huge opportunity to be discovered. After his first few films, he was in high demand. Whether he was playing the lusty womanizing Lewt in Duel in the Sun, the young priest, Father Chisholm in The Keys of the Kingdom, the amnesiac John Ballantine (or… Dr. Edwardes…) in Spellbound, the handsome reporter Joe Bradley in Roman Holiday, or his most famous role, Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird, he showed pure talent that couldn’t be faked and he showed the truest of human decency.

Gregory Peck received five Oscar nods, winning on his fifth nomination for his role in To Kill A Mockingbird. He was the first native Californian to ever win the Oscar. He was very friendly, humble and kind. He helped Audrey Hepburn receive her first Oscar in Roman Holiday, urging director William Wyler to place her name alongside his, rather than it being under the title.

He was a lifelong Democrat, and an advocate for many liberal causes. He may only ever be known for his role as Atticus, but at least it was a role that resembled him and what he stood for.

Check out some more information on Gregory Peck and visit his IMDB.


I woke up today to the sound of a movie I've never seen before...Bonjour Tristesse (1957). I enjoyed it a bunch, and I would definitely recommend it if you have the chance.

There shouldn't be too much to do today. Handwashing the vintage blazer I bought yesterday, fixing the heels of the thrifted 80s shoes I bought, organizing my closet, reading a book... there is a bunch of things that I can do today!

Perhaps fate will lead the way...


Today, I went on a movie spree. I watched Pork Chop Hill, The Graduate, The Defiant Ones, Double Harness, and parts of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It was quite the Saturday, and a weekend isn't a weekend without some thrifting... which I did. 

I picked up a vintage 1970s plaid blazer, 1980s 'mesh' shoes, and a beautiful pearl and chain necklace. Wonderful Saturday!