Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Call Northside 777

Sorry for my lack of updating. :c I've been busier with life!

Anyway, I've been on an alternate sleep schedule for nearly a year now, which gives me the chance to catch movies that tend to show late on Turner Classic Movies. Thank goodness, too.

Yesterday, I finished watching a show on Netflix. I was then drawn to my bed to watch a movie. What did I happen to catch? Call Northside 777. As big as a Jimmy Stewart fan I am, I have never seen it. I tend to only catch whatever I can find on TCM or Netflix...or my dad's personal collection. So it was a real score to be able to catch it.

It was classic Jimmy Stewart. Full of drama, a man fighting for justice... For some reason, it reminded me a lot of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It was great though. And I've been on a hiatus from watching a lot of classic movies recently, but this really got me into wanting to see more. So hopefully, I'll start having more to post about.

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

TCM's 31 Days of Oscar

Hey everyone! It's been a long, long time since I have actually posted a "real" entry. So here goes!

February of each year is one of my favorite months. It has Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, Groundhog Day... and of course, it's Oscar season. Which means, TCM has their 31 Days of Oscar! I absolutely love this time of year.

I remember a few years ago, perhaps 2008... I watched over 300 movies total in a 31 day span. I can't even tell you how exactly. It became a sick obsession and I lost a lot of sleep. I was a junior in high school! Oh, the memories... High school was when I really discovered my passion for classic movies and well, movies in general.

I hope that those of you who watch TCM are enjoying the line up! I always do. I love catching movies I have never seen before like Cool Hand Luke and Pinky, but also love catching classic favorites like Casablanca, East of Eden, and The Awful Truth. Though I will tell you that I am slightly disappointed. They are sadly not playing Roman Holiday or The Philadelphia Story this year, two of my absolute favorites!

I've had an alternate sleep schedule for a long time, so I luckily get to see those early morning movies quite often. I love it! They help me dream of peaceful things in some way. Anyway, I hope you guys are discovering something new or watching an old favorite this month! And if you're not, that's fine, too. Hope you get the chance to watch something nice soon. (: