Saturday, October 3, 2015

Visas and Hitchcock

Hi everyone! It's been a long, long time... I apologize! I always say that I will post more frequently, but then life catches up with me.

This past summer was seriously the absolute greatest. I became engaged to my best friend, spent the last three months with him... we traveled to Florida together and discovered a bunch of fun local places that I never had the guts to go to alone. It was seriously the best and I can't wait to marry him next year! But before marriage... the visa process. We're going to be starting it this weekend/next week, and I'm so nervous! I hear horror stories about how long the process takes. I'm just so stressed thinking about it being denied. And then the money that goes with applying for it--yikes!

Speaking of horror though, my fiancé agreed that this month would be filled with watching Alfred Hitchcock films! He's never seen any, so it'll be a great movie filled month. I'm just wondering what movie I'll introduce him to first. I love several, but I'm leaning towards Rear Window, Psycho, or The Birds. I guess we'll see!