Friday, October 2, 2009

October is Here! C:

I really hope that with this new month, comes a new time to relax and watch a bunch of movies. Once again, I have lacked watching films all together…except for the occasional movie playing as background noise as I do assignment after assignment.

I really want to expand my horizons this month… I want to catch a dozen new stars and fall in love with them. I want to watch a movie that is worthy of going on my Facebook’s Favorite Movies list [I know there are a lot listened there, but really, it’s an honor].

I hope to catch Esther Williams on her five-movie marathon next Thursday. I want to see a bunch of Leslie Caron films on Mondays or William Castle films playing Tuesdays this month. And who could forget… the month of films revolving around the Great Depression [another chance to see Henry Fonda and fall in love all over again (:]

So, although this month is once again filled with schoolwork, I am going to learn to relax and think about myself for at least one weekend. Plus, I will make two more journeys to Penn State University Park to pick up my boyfriend this month, who perhaps will let me watch a good movie or two with him.


One of my favorite movie scenes...

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