Friday, October 2, 2009

Rear Window: A Movie Review and Synopsis

I am a freaking huge Alfred Hitchcock fan. Seriously. The suspense in each of his films… ah, perfection. The camera angles, the music, especially his storylines. They get me every time. I watch with delight as the story unravels on the screen… I am instantly drawn to it. My eyes aren’t oranges; they can’t be peeled.

But, anyway… the first Alfred Hitchcock film that I ever saw just happens to be my favorite one, as well as the one that is playing tonight on Turner Classic Movies [9 PM; EST]. Rear Window. Agh, just saying the name gets me anxious. I believe the film gained a new life after Disturbia came out in theatres. Disturbia is based off of the Hitchcock classic, but is centered around a teenage boy who is on house arrest.

In this film, a professional photographer named L.B. Jeffries [James Stewart] is wheelchair bound after breaking his leg. To amuse himself and pass the time while in his apartment, he spies on his surrounding neighbors. He is then convinced that one man has committed a murder. With the help of his high-society girlfriend [Grace Kelly] and his visiting nurse, they are able to investigate what really went on in the apartment of the ‘murderer.’

The film keeps you on your toes. Grace Kelly looks absolutely breath-taking… one of her best films. The Technicolor is magnificent. My boyfriend even thought it came out in the 1970s? [Well, that is coming from someone who thought his favorite film, Star Wars, came out in the 1990s and West Side Story came out in the 1980s]. Hah, but it really is great. Four stars. Sir Alfred Hitchcock is the master of Suspense.

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