Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh, Jimmy

Yesterday, I got into a slight argument with my older brother and his wife... along with my own mother. After telling me that my sister-in-law and mother do not like Charlie Brown, they continue to tell me that they also dislike watching It's A Wonderful Life. "Why?" I asked. Well, they just don't like Jimmy Stewart. Oh, I cringed. My brother continues by making his own impression of Jimmy Stewart. Yes, he has that unforgettable voice... but that's why I adore him, among other things, of course. He's the "all American" guy. Warm, gentle, down to earth. I could go on and on. I think I love him so much because I am within three degrees of knowing him--my grandfather was with him during World War II. :] So he has a special place in my heart.
So, I decided to do my list of my favorite Jimmy Stewart films. They are in no specific order, like usual.

It's A Wonderful Life (1946) - If you didn't know already, it is my favorite film in the entire world. I know all the lines and I cry at all the same parts... even the parts that aren't so sad. "I'll give you the moon," "every time a bell rings...." among others :) A movie that stands the test of time and will always be a favorite.

Rear Window (1954) - My first Hitchcock film that I absolutely fell in love with. Although you see Stewart age significantly, he still has the same charm and bravery (even if he's confined into a wheelchair). He rocks the blue pajamas (and the brown ones, too). I love watching his eyes... as he grows with fear.

After the Thin Man (1936) - Not a very large role, but I remember seeing a clip of this film and having to see it. Why? Jimmy Stewart goes berserk. It's one of the few films where he not the hero, but rather then villain. And although he's good at playing the hero, he made a good creeper.

The Philadelphia Story (1940) - His only Oscar win... which was a surprise to him and almost everyone else. He himself thought his good friend Henry Fonda should have won it. Either way, he was charming in the film, even as a drunk. He doesn't end up with the girl, but it's a cute film.

Bell Book and Candle (1958) - His second film with Kim Novak. It's an unusual age difference (but lots of films were like that 'back then'), but he's absolutely adorable for being so naive.

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) - Although it was Hitchcock's own remake, and many say it's not very good... I love this film (except for the ending... don't get me started). Doris Day is delightful with Que Sera Sera, but it's the ending where Ben (Stewart) and his son Hank are being escorted out of the building... where Stewart makes his move. Ah! It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. I could watch it all the time.

The Greatest Show On Earth (1952) - Low rating, it seems... but I just loved Jimmy playing the role of a clown. I am completely afraid of clowns, but him as one just makes me want to ask him for a balloon animal in the shape of a dog. Aw.


  1. How interesting that your grandfather served with him, in the same squad in England I imagine. There is a very interesting exhibit with info on Jimmy's service at the Air Force museum in Dayton Ohio; I've never been but a friend of mine just was there and told me about it. Oh, and your relatives should watch, "The Shopworn Angel" - I think it will change their minds!

  2. I would have had an argument with them, too! I'm in love with Jimmy Stewart and I don't care who knows it haha Have you seen 'Harvey?' I thought it was very funny. Love the Pooka.