Friday, November 6, 2009

A Rant

I love receiving the Turner Classic Movies monthly email about their upcoming schedule for the month. Of course, you are able to view the schedule a few months in advance on their website, but I still like the surprise sometimes.

However, I am once again a little upset with the amount of Gregory Peck films they are showing. They usually show between one and four a month, and usually late into night... too late for me to watch due to living on the East Coast. I don't recall them playing any this month... but in December, only three will be shown. Two will be shown in January. February should be fun... five will be played. It does upset me a whole lot because he's my absolute favorite, and I couldn't get enough of his films.

And... why can't NBC just give up the rights for It's A Wonderful Life already? It's my favorite film in the entire world, and as much as I like waiting to see it in December (they show it twice a year... right?), I could see it every day.

Alright... so enough of my ranting. I have been so busy with school that I barely ever get the chance to watch classic films anymore. Next week, they are showing Rear Window... my favorite Hitchcock film. I will definitely be watching it! I can't wait until Christmas break to watch a plethora of great classic films!

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