Friday, September 4, 2009

Favorite Films of All Time

I have created a list of the movies that I feel are my favorite of all time. Sure, my list always changes and grows, but the movies I list below are the ones that will always remain on that list. I am sure this will be edited a bunch of times, but so far...

Roman Holiday: I don’t know what it is about this movie… maybe it’s the fact that it takes place in Rome, Italy. Perhaps it’s because it ends rather realistically. Or maybe it’s just because it stars one of the cutest and most believable couples in movie history? I’ll admit, it’s probably all of those reasons plus a thousand more. Audrey Hepburn’s first big role as a beautiful princess. Gregory Peck as a handsome news writer stationed in Italy. What is there not to love? This movie is my favorite Peck film and Hepburn film. It’s the movie that made me fall in love with each of them. I can’t help but love it. This film opened me up to many other films that starred Gregory Peck, who is now known by many as my favorite actor.

It’s A Wonderful Life: Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. :] Adorable. I have watched this movie every year since I could remember. I have the 50th Anniversary VHS and the 60th Anniversary DVD. One of the best plots I have ever seen… I always thought Frank Capra was one of the best. You can tell that they really love each other in this movie (Stewart and Reed). They have one of those loves that can only be dreamed of… even though it takes George Bailey (Stewart) to realize how good he has it in the end. I love this film. The famous, ‘why don’t you kiss her,’ ‘everytime a bell rings…’ and phone scenes are such classics. Although I have the film on both DVD and VHS, I wait an entire year to catch it on NBC, because it’s just not the same any way else, right? A true treasure and essential in a Christmas, hopeless romantic, or Stewart fan’s collection.

The Philadelphia Story: What do you get when you put Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart in a film together? Pure, wonderful, electric entertainment. This screwball comedy ends in the perfect way, leaving the audience somewhat shocked. Who should she choose? Who does she choose? It won Jimmy Stewart’s first and only Oscar, surprisingly. The two that end up together in the end were just meant to be. I think this is one of the best movies that shows Katharine Hepburn as a wonderful comedienne [not including Sylvia Scarlett or Bringing Up Baby, of course]. So many laughs!

Casablanca: I can’t NOT mention this film, for it was one of the first classic movies I have ever seen. This movie is one of, if not the most mentioned film on AFI’s 100 Years... 100 Quotes list. Most come from Humphrey Bogart himself. Anyway, I’ve always loved World War II (learning about it, I mean) and always listening to my dad reminisce about it, I had to see if for myself. I did after a year or two, while I was on vacation in Florida. Oh, Ingrid Bergman… where to begin? I loved her watery eyes, and she is such a skillful actress [once again like Peck in Roman Holiday, led me to many of her other films]. I might just be a hopeless romantic, but I loved the plot of two star-crossed lovers. And although you want it so that Ilsa and Rick end up together in the end, they both know it’s not possible, and it’s left as so.



  1. Great choices! Roman Holiday (and Gregory Peck) is among my favorites, too!

  2. You have a great taste in film! I fully agree, these movies are so WONDERFUL :D

  3. Great choices! Also some of my favs too!