Friday, September 18, 2009

Two for the Road: A Movie Review and Synopsis

Is there a specific movie that you can honestly watch over and over and over again… all day, everyday? Yes, I have favorite films that I enjoy watching often, but Two for the Road is the film I can watch every single time it’s on… I actually watched it three times in less than twenty-four hours… just yesterday. I’ve probably seen it a total of fifteen times, and I am planning to buy it on DVD sometime soon.

I caught the trailer for this movie on Retroplex around April or May. I was instantly drawn to it… Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney, and it was about love, in a sense. Count me in! Anyway, I worked around my schedule and caught it on a Saturday night. I was in heaven. The relationship was so comparable to me and my boyfriend’s. We argue, laugh, have good times… and we love each other, in the end. Yes, we haven’t cheated on each other or anything, but it’s the overall plot of the story I love.

Joanna [Hepburn] is in a touring girl’s choir, while Mark [Finney] is an architect trying to make a name for himself. They meet on the road in Europe. The film shows flashbacks of their marriage… starting out with their first encounter, the memorable times they had spent early in their marriage, the increasing tensions between each other, the infidelities they had, and any other bumps along the road.

Finney and Hepburn have incredible chemistry… it looks as though they truly love each other. The dialogue is absolutely wonderful… extremely witty, and contains some of my favorite quotes of all time.

I’d definitely recommend it. It often plays on Retroplex C: